Lawmakers Debate Gun Control As Mass Shooting Survivors and Families Give Testimony in Washington

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Currents News Staff

Kimberly and Felix Rubio lost their daughter, Lexi, in Uvalde who was murdered – only 15 days ago. Fourth-grader Miah Cerillo survived the slaughter in her Robb Elementary Classroom playing dead by smearing blood on her body.

“Somewhere out there is a mom, who is listening to our testimony, thinking, ‘I can’t even imagine their pain,’ not knowing that our reality will one day be hers,” said Kimberly and Felix Rubio, “unless we act now.”

Miah Cerillo survived the Uvalde shooting.

“I thought he was gonna come back to the room,” Miah said. “So I grabbed the blood and I put it all over me.”

In the middle of this national horror, there was anguish on Capitol Hill as victims desperately pleaded with lawmakers to take action. Zeneta Everhart’s son Zaire survived the Buffalo massacre. She told members of the House that her son will have shrapnel in his body for the rest of his life.

“You are elected because you have been chosen and are trusted to protect us but let me say here, to you, today, I do not feel protected,” said Zeneta.

A pediatrician who responded in Uvalde told Congress that children’s bodies were pulverized and decapitated by the bullets.

“We are lying on the operating table, riddled with bullets like the children of Robb Elementary and so many schools,” said Dr. Roy Guerrero.

Miguel Cerillo followed his daughter’s video testimony saying, although she survived, she will never be the same.

“She is not the same little girl that I used to play with, and run with,” said Miguel. “She was daddy’s little girl.”