Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historic Confirmation Hearings Continue as Republicans Accuse Her of Not Being Tough Enough on Crime

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Currents News Staff

Senators turned up the heat on day two of Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic confirmation hearings. Republicans accused her of not being tough enough on crime and wasted no time zeroing-in on the most important issues.

“The issue involving child pornography,” said Sen. Dick Durbin. “I want to turn to that issue because it was raised multiple times primarily by the senator from Missouri. And it was, he was questioning your sentencing record in child pornography cases.”

“As a mother and a judge who has had to deal with these cases,” said Jackson. “I was thinking that nothing could be further from the truth.”

They pressed Jackson on her judicial philosophy.

“I am acutely aware that as a judge in our system, I have limited power,” said Jackson. “I am trying in every case to stay in my lane.”

Jackson shared her thoughts about expanding the Supreme Court beyond nine justices.

“In my view, judges should not be speaking in to political issues and certainly not a nominee for a position on the Supreme Court,” she said.

Senators also discussed her work as a public defender representing detainees at  Guantánamo Bay.

“That’s what you do as a federal public defender,” Jackson said. “You are standing up for the constitutional value of representation.”