Kentucky Football Coach Whose Family Fled Flooded Home Receives Special Donations From Strangers

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Currents News Staff

The Breathitt County football team is used to tackling its toughest opponents on Friday nights in the fall. But this year, the Bobcats greatest challenge came even before the school year started.

Madison Central Principal Brandon Fritz heard their harrowing stories from the floods including that of Assistant Coach Casey Allen.

“At 5 o’clock, my wife woke up to a big bang and there was water running to the basement,” Coach Allen said. “Eventually we had to get our kids up on to the hill to safety.”

Allen and his wife quickly realized the dangers of getting stranded on a hillside with four children. So they came up with a plan to kayak through the current to their neighbors.

“I told her I could try it… best case scenario is I end up down there and I won’t be able to get back to you,” Allen said.

So Principal Fritz wanted to give him and the whole team more than just hot meals and a warm welcome.

“To hear his story it was tough to just listen,” Fritz said.

They worked with the Southland Christian church to bring Coach Allen and the players some surprises they never saw coming. They pulled together thousands in gift cards for the players and for Allen.

It was a blessing from complete strangers which shows him how God always has a plan even during the darkest of days.

“If this doesn’t tell you that God is real,” Allen said, “I don’t know what will.”