Kentucky Flooding Death Toll Continues To Rise as Hundreds Are Still Missing

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Currents News Staff

Hundreds of people vanished because of unprecedented flooding in Kentucky. It has left families without answers. While the search and rescue efforts are still underway, the outlook is grim.

“With the level of water, we’re going to be finding bodies for weeks,” said Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

Dozens of lives were lost and more could follow. Among the dead are four young siblings. The whole family clung to a tree for safety, but the rushing waters proved too strong. Their bodies were found the next day.

“I even drove by and got out at the site where those four kids were swept away,” said Governor Andy. “I’ve had to do a lot of things that were hard as governor, that was certainly one of the hardest.”

The destruction is everywhere and the governor predicted there could be hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Residents like Randy Polly are begging for help.

“We need so much help here, it is unbelievable,” said Randy.  “We’re five days in this. There’s no internet, there’s no power and a lot of places have said we won’t have water for months.”