Judge Blocks Ending of Title 42; President Joe Biden Wants to End Policy on May 23

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Currents News Staff

The Biden White House is temporarily blocked from ending “Title 42” by a federal judge in Louisiana.

“If President Biden lifts Title 42, what we see today will be much worse. A country without a secure border is not a country,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

“Title 42” allows U.S. border officials to turn migrants away due to public health concerns. Namely, the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is not an immigration policy. This title 42 is a health authority that’s determined by the CDC and we need to have a conversation about immigration reform that’s vital, maybe this is a reminder of that,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Critics of removing the order say it is likely to cause a greater surge of migrants at an already stressed border.

“Title 42 is a band aid on a gunshot wound. It’s not actual border security. It’s important but it represents the ability to turn people away and actually secure the border,” said Rep. Chip Roy of Texas.

President Joe Biden wants to end the policy, which was invoked during the Trump administration, on May 23. A White House source says the federal judge’s block may not disrupt those plans.

“I would note that there are a range of views on Title 42 there are some you noted who are very vocal about how they would like to see an extended. There are some who are very vocal about how they would not like to see that happen. So that’s an important discussion that will be happening over the coming days and weeks,” said Psaki.