International Christian Relief Group Samaritan’s Purse Deploys Field Hospital to Ukraine

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International Christian relief group, Samaritan’s Purse, is deploying a field hospital to Ukraine as Russia’s attack on the country continues. The group loaded the field hospital equipment onto a DC-8 plane in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“This is a man made disaster,” said VP of Operations Edward Graham. “We respond also to natural disasters around the world. But this is a man-made one. Man can’t fix this, and only God can fix this. It’s my hope and prayer that the people that may be watching or maybe listening to this, that they pray for the country of Ukraine, and we pray for peace and a peace that only God can bring about.

The group says its airlifting doctors, nurses and support staff to Poland. The hospital and staff will be taken to Ukraine from there. According to Samaritan’s Purse, it says the hospital will be able to treat up to 100 patients a day, with up to 30 in-patient beds, an operating room and an intensive care unit.

In addition, the group plans to send a cargo plane next week carrying equipment to set up two medical clinics. They will be able to provide minor trauma and general medical care for about 200 patients a day.

Dr. Elliott Tenpenny is one of the directors. He says they’re responding to the needs of the people in the war zone “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

“We’re compelled by our faith,” said Dr. Elliot, “and we’re called to respond to needs around the world with this type of capacity.”