Inspired By the Blessed Mother, Catholic Students Commit to Serving Others

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By Tim Harfmann

Students at Good Shepherd Catholic Academy in Marine Park, Brooklyn, are on a mission to serve others.

Some of them are part of a group called “Mary’s Helpers,” in honor of the Blessed Mother.

Each month the helpers choose a different service project.

“I just think about all the people who don’t have anything and how I’m so fortunate,” said Aisling Glancy, a fifth grader at the school. “I think, ‘Well, why don’t I give it a try? Why don’t I help them?’”

“It’s nice for people to do other things for those in need,” said Aisling.

This month, they’re helping the Dominican Sisters of Amityville, Long Island, who used to teach at Good Shepherd. Many of them live in an assisted living community, where sisters enjoy writing letters.

The students are coloring cards and stuffing bags with stamps, pens and notepads.

“They are running low on them, and we think it is nice because they’ve done so much for the school,” explained Aisling.

“It makes me feel honored, because it shows that I can make a difference and I can help,” added Ellie Krumm, an eight grader.

The group started three years ago as a way of showing their devotion to Mary. Students pray a decade of the rosary before each project.

Fourth grader Emmerson Raimundi credits Mary’s Helpers for teaching values she can carry through life.

“Everything we do revolves around Mary, and we pray to her all the time because we look up to her,” she said. “When you start now, maybe you will have more faith and you will want to continue doing good things in the future.”

Mary’s Helpers continue to serve others through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.