Indianapolis Officers Come to the Rescue and Save Family From Apartment Fire

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Currents News Staff

It was Monday morning on April 11 when an Indianapolis apartment building caught fire.

“A lot of times fire has things under control when we get there,” said Police Officer Aaron Laird, “so my first thought was let’s get everyone out of adjacent buildings and get everyone safe.”

As people evacuated the building, officers found a woman and her two children trapped on the second floor. The officers acted immediately putting together a plan of action.

“By the time I had arrived around back,” said Officer Aaron, “I hear Officer Carroll say, ‘can you toss them down to us?’ and ask their ages to see if we were going to be able to catch them or not.”

IMPD Officers Laird, Hupp, and Carroll positioned themselves under the window as the mother dropped her children to safety.

“At that point it was any means to keep them safe,” Office Aaron said, “even if that meant it injured one of us –  all that mattered was keeping them safe at that point.”

The mother then was able to jump from the building where officers caught her. All three got out safely.

“We genuinely want to help people when they are in need,” said Officer Aaron, “and whether they are in need for that, or their out of gas, or they’ve been in a car accident. A lot of times when police are called or anyone calls 911, it’s on the worst day of their life, and we have to remember that.”

Officers say it was the quick thinking by everyone that made sure the family is together and safe.