In One Staten Island Restaurant, Only Grandmothers Get to Cook

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Everyone knows there’s nothing better than your grandma’s cooking.

It’s warm and comforting and can even sometimes work faster than medicine when you’re sick. 

Imagine going to a restaurant where that’s all they serve.

That’s exactly what one Staten Island restaurant is doing and Currents News was there to see one of their Nonnas in action. 

At Enoteca Maria they only employ grandmothers. 

They come on a rotation to cook food from all over the globe. The menu changes everyday, from Japanese cuisine, to Azerbaijan dishes, and even Peruvian meals. Italian dishes are usually a constant at the restaurant. 

Restaurateur Jody Scaravella, said Enoteca Maria was created to be a culinary experience with every dish stimulating the taste buds and pulling at the heartstrings.

“People are missing their grandmothers and missing those times and their grandmothers’ house and those meals and interactions and basically we’re just trying to recreate that and I think we succeeded,” Scaravella said. “It kind of evokes that walk down memory lane, usually the people will start talking about their mother or grandmother and what they used to make and how she would love to cook here so it’s that kind of experience.” 

Just like at your grandma’s house, at Enoteca Maria you eat whatever they’re making.

Dishes like the restaurant’s zucchini parmesan and fresh cavatelli with sausage are made with Maria Giallanella’s two hands. 

Her old world upbringing in Avellino, Italy lead her to the modern kitchen of a restaurant with an innovative concept. 

“I’m the oldest one in the family, so I made everything for myself,” Giallanella “I washed clothes, I do a lot of work, I was on the phone taking the orders, my mother she couldn’t do it but I like to do it.” 

Enoteca Maria is currently looking for Italian Nonnas to come and cook. 

If you or your grandmother are interested you can contact the restaurant at 718-447-2777