Hurricane Michael Residents Return

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Currents News Staff

Mexico Beach is all but unrecognizable to those who call this place home.

“It’s almost like you’re in a dream. Like its not really real but you know it is. Just complete devastation,” said Shelly Breedlove, beach house owner.

Residents are literally picking up the pieces left by Hurricane Michael.

“Pictures, anything you can’t replace. Everything else, you know, we’re not trying to scavenge, just the things that are irreplaceable,” said Monie Phillips, Mexico Beach resident.

“Our house… what’s left is a concrete slab. And everything, the house and whatever was in it… is in that pile of debris that’s up at the street,” said Linda Powell, beach house owner.

Hurricane Michael is responsible for at least 32 deaths in four states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

Roughly half of the confirmed fatalities were in Bay county, Florida, where Michael landed at category four status.

But sheriff’s deputies say they’re finding more victims as the water recedes. They also say people who did not evacuate could be buried beneath piles of concrete, wood, and metal.

Despite the damage, residents say a renaissance is on the way. “We will rebuild and we’ll be okay,” said Shelly Breedlove, beach house owner.

Kimberly Shoaf, the President of the Mexico Beach Community Development Council said “This isn’t the end of Mexico Beach. We still have a big story to write and we’re gonna write one.”

FEMA has teams in Florida helping residents register for disaster help.

There are also dozens of distribution stops in Florida and Georgia where victims can get food and water.