Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall

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Currents News Staff

Hurricane Michael is slamming into the Florida panhandle. It’s a monster storm – gaining intensity – with the potential to cause catastrophic damage. “Right now, the winds are extremely high, and it’s as bad as I have ever seen it,” said Chief Bobby Varnes of the Apalachicola, FL Police.

Florida’s Governor issued a stark warning to any residents who did not evacuate. “Now the storm is here. The time to evacuate in coastal areas has come and gone,” said Governor Rick Scott.

Many bridges connecting islands to the mainland are now closed. Officials warn of a storm surge that could reach 14 feet in some areas. “The storm surge is going to be the worst where the eye makes landfall. So not only is it going to bring 14 feet of ocean water and coastal flood inundation, they’ll be wave action on top of that,” said FEMA Administrator Brock Long.

Tens of thousands of customers are already without power. Officials say it may not be restored for days or possibly weeks. President Trump received a briefing on the storm by FEMA. “I had a long talk with Governor Rick Scott and we’re very well coordinated with all of the states,” said President Trump.

Millions of people across six states are under hurricane warnings and watches as the storm is expected to blow over Georgia and the Carolinas in the next few days.