Hurricane Dorian Moves North Towards the Carolinas

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Currents News Staff

Dorian hasn’t made landfall, but it is still wreaking havoc. And the Carolinas are getting the worst of the storm today.

Downed power lines in the streets of Charleston, SC were just one example of the multiple hazards Dorian presents to the Carolinas right now.

“Largely everyone has heeded the warning to stay off the roadways. We still have dangerous conditions present,” said Jason Patno of the Charleston County Emergency Preparedness Division.

The storm has even spawned several tornados. In Little River, just north of Myrtle Beach, residents were startled awake, by a loud noise.

“We just heard the loud, rumbling noise. Kinda sounds like a train,” one local resident said.

In North Carolina the National Weather Service had reports of a possible tornado near Wilmington. And in Emerald Isle, Byron Cox and his father Simon, also rode out a tornado.

“Never saw anything like it in my entire life,” said Cox.

North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper said he’s activated more of the state’s National Guard soldiers, and urged residents to stay alert.

“Get to safety and stay there. Don’t let your guard down,” Cooper urged residents.

In South Carolina, flooding remains a chief concern. Video taken in Charleston shows high water moving quickly in the streets and dozens of roads in the city are closed.

One business owner, Brett Yearout, is hoping for the best, on the other side of the storm, saying “Fortunately, we’ll be back open this weekend. The sun will be out, these poor people in the Bahamas have years to regroup. But we’ll be all good in a couple days.”