How These Felician Sisters Are Empowering Haiti’s Earthquake Victims

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By Jessica Easthope

The donations are sorted, packed and shipped in this massive container. 

It’s been a month since Haiti was struck by a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake. More than 2,000 people were killed and since Haitians have battled a hurricane, dealt with no clean water and a lack of supplies.

“Our people were struggling, suffering so I felt like I needed to be there but the Lord opened other doors,” said Sister Marilyn Minter, CSSF.

Sister Marilyn Minter lives in Jacmel, she left Haiti 4 days after the earthquake to come back to Felician University in New Jersey to quickly gather donations. 

“We realized wow there’s a need for clothing there’s going to be a need for mattresses, masks, hand sanitizers,” Sister Marilyn said.

The sisters are being helped by students at Immaculate Conception and for the girls it’s hands on experience not many high schoolers get.

“The core values of the Felician sisters, compassion, transformation, respect for human dignity,” said Jessica Cutrona, principal of Immaculate Conception H.S., “and we want these young women to understand what it means to live those core values, not just donate to them.” 

The supplies in this shipping container, diapers, baby clothes, furniture, the sisters say that’s the immediate need,  but what Haiti needs long term is something much more powerful.

“Let’s empower the Haitian people to help themselves,” Sister Marilyn said. “Let’s get them to be sustainable, let’s get them to be independent.”  

Due to security threats surrounding rising gang and political violence right now in Haiti, Sister Marilyn can’t say when the donations will arrive in Haiti, but they’re being received by Caritas International.

“They know the Diocese of Jacmel,” Sister Marilyn said, “they know the people down there and they know what’s needed and what’s not needed.” 

Sister Marilyn will soon be returning home to Haiti, her mission is far from over.