How Safe Is It to Swim in Pools and Lakes During the Coronavirus Pandemic? We Ask the Doctor

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Currents News Staff

This summer, many will spend their time at beaches or pools, which brings up new questions about the spread of coronavirus.

We all know chlorine kills bacteria, but the virus is still on everyone’s minds. How safe is it to swim in a pool, or in a lake or ocean?

If we’re out in the sun, we’ll also be getting some Vitamin D. A recent study by Trinity College in Dublin found that adults who took vitamin d supplements saw a 50 percent fall in chest infections.

Could Vitamin D prevent COVID-19 infection? 

And one viewer wants to know: Will smoking kill the virus?

There have been some conflicting studies on this, and some show that smokers are hospitalized less often for COVID-19. 

To help Currents News answer some of these questions and debates is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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