How Praying the Rosary Helped One Woman Through COVID-19 Loss

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By Jessica Easthope

Liz Basile’s faith has always been strong.

“We always went to church together and learned the rosary from the time we were young,” Liz said.

So when the unthinkable happened, her first instinct was to pray.

“I prayed, I watched the Mass every day on Zoom at St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” she explained. “I read my ‘Jesus Calling,’ that was certainly my first reaction,” she said.

Earlier this year coronavirus devastated Liz’s family. Liz, her husband Allen, her brother Michael and her mother Josephine all contracted the virus.

“The virus and the power that it has is something you just can’t battle,” Liz said.

After lengthy stays in the hospital, her brother and husband thankfully recovered. But her mom, Josephine lost her battle with coronavirus on April 11.

“She was a diabetic and she was 90 and when people say how old that doesn’t necessarily mean she was ready to pass,” Liz said with tears in her eyes.

For as long as Liz can remember, Josephine’s faith and family were the center of her life. During the pandemic, Liz became attached to the rosary and began to view it with the same devotion as her mother did.

“She had rosaries all over her house and she never was afraid and she said I prayed my rosary why would I be afraid,” said Liz.

When it felt like the virus had defeated her big, tight knit family, Liz found her strength in faith. Her prayer group, her parish —  St. Patrick’s on Staten Island, and a bereavement group have been sources of comfort. But her family is the driving force bringing her closer to God.

“If we turn away we don’t have any hope. If we turn toward, we will be strengthened,” said Liz.

So just like the way her mother lived — without fear — Liz knows exactly where to turn.