How Blessed Carlo Acutis Inspired Holy Trinity Diocesan High School’s New Song, ‘Born an Original’

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By Jessica Easthope

From the mouth of a Blessed into the hearts of three singers: Carlo Acutis, the teenager who was beatified in October, inspired the song “Born an Original.”

The lyrics are made up of his own words, brought to life again by Holy Trinity Diocesan High School Campus Minister Theresa Marino and students Luca DiGregoli and Bryce Ridley.

“We realized we really have a lot in common with him, he was there age when he passed and his legacy was in 15 years and he did such an extraordinary amount for the Lord,” Theresa said.

The three composed the song in a week. With faith shining through their talent, the song has taken on a different meaning for each of them.

“It said something along the lines of people are born an original but die as photocopies and I found that interesting because it inspired me to take my life and do something original with it,” said senior Luca.

Blessed Carlo Acutis died of leukemia in 2006 — his first miracle was saving a Brazilian boy who suffered from a rare disease. But it was the work he did on earth that makes him relatable to the high school seniors.

“From simply writing a song about him it gave me an insight on what his life was like and why he had the connection he did with God and it encouraged me to do the same,” said Bryce.

“I feel like if this guy was around I’d be friends with him and to have that connection with a saint is what makes it once in a lifetime for me,” Luca said.

Theresa says she’s seen her students strengthen their relationships with God at a time in life when many stray away.

“To see the faith become real in terms of making God really present in the life of a teenager and how that can affect them going forward, that’s what we’re all here to do if we’re in the business of Catholic school,” Theresa said.

The group plans to record “Born an Original” and make it available online to stream. They’re also hoping to get it to Carlo Acutis’ family, to let them know just how far his legacy has reached.