How an Afghan Writer and Pope Francis Helped a Christian Family Escape the Taliban in Kabul

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By Currents News Staff

Afghan writer Ali Ehsani reached out to Pope Francis in August, asking for his help in getting a Christian family hiding in Kabul on a flight our of the country. The Holy Father was moved by their story, and sent Ehsani a message, while mobilizing Vatican diplomats to help the family in need.

“I told them that the Pope was praying for them,” Ali said, “that he was thinking of them during that time, and that they should remain calm. They said: “Let’s hope they will be able to save us.” In the end, they managed to make it to Italy.”

By mid-August, the Vatican acted with other institutions to get them out of Kabul. The Italian military took them to Rome, where they are now being cared for by the “Meet Human” foundation.

EU politician, Silvia Costa, was a vocal advocate for their evacuation. On Twitter, she announced their safe arrival in Italy. One of the family members that appears in her photo wanted to give Pope Francis the shirt he wore when he escaped from the Taliban and began his new life.

“This is a typical clothing item in Afghanistan that a young Afghan boy was wearing when he fled the country and arrived here in Italy,” Ali said. “In those four to five days in which they were fleeing, he always wore this shirt. He even had it on at the Kabul airport, where the picture was taken.”

The Holy Father deeply appreciated the gift from a family targeted for refusing to renounce their Christian faith.