How a Brooklyn Graphic Designer Is Using Her Skills to Bring Closure to Families of COVID-19 Victims

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By Jessica Easthope

Like thousands of others across the Brooklyn Diocese, Rita Piro lost a loved one to COVID-19.

“I lost a favorite and beloved uncle. And we too could not have any type of traditional mourning service which in our Catholic faith has an incredible role,” said Rita.

Rita began making online memorials for victims of the coronavirus.

“Some people like to put in several things from their life story, things they liked, favorite foods, music, films, their hobbies and then I arrange it in a very distinct and I’d like to think a tasteful manner,” Rita said.

Finding herself lost in grief, she thought of the countless others who were dealing with the same. So, she put her faith to work.

“I thought about how I could be of some type of solace to these people through my graphics work,“ Rita said.

Using her background as a graphic designer, Rita has made close to 100 online memorials for victims of the coronavirus, for free.

“They’re usually 8.5 by 11, they include all types of images, any types of quotes, prayers it’s very individualized, very personalized,” Rita said.

Her online memorials made closure a click away for those who were told funerals would be on hold.

“Some people have used them if they do a prayer service over Zoom,” she explained.

Rita said she’s been called serve God many times in her life, this is the latest way she’s living her faith.

“We are all called to serve,” she added. “It’s just another way to serve with the mission of Christ and we’re all compelled to do that as Catholics.”