Houses of Worship Are Stepping Up to Help Shelter Bussed Migrants

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Mayor Eric Adams has a new idea on how to curb the city’s current humanitarian crisis and shelter the thousands of migrants bussed from the border.

Hizzoner is now looking to the Church and other religious spaces to house asylum seekers.

“No matter what faith you practice, it is in all of our faiths that we are supposed to care for those in need,” Adams said during a press conference. “Not only is it in the Statue of Liberty but it is in our text that we look and read and study from.”

Religious leaders across the city offered 50 different locations. Each of those spaces will house approximately 19 adult men. 

While the Diocese of Brooklyn is not taking part in this particular city initiative, it has already long been on the front lines of the crisis, providing shelter, food, clothing, and other services and will continue to do so.

“On the front lines for almost a year, parishes in Brooklyn and Queens have been helping asylum-seekers, many of whom have arrived at our churches with just the clothes on their backs. Our pastors, priests, and volunteers have helped with everything from food pantries to clothing collection drives to spiritual care,” the diocese said in a June 5 statement.

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