House to Vote on Articles of Impeachment

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Currents News Staff

Nearly three years into President Trump’s first term, and nearly three months after launching an impeachment inquiry, the House of Representatives is poised to impeach.

“We have a president who seems to believe he is a king or above the law,” said Democratic Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina. 

“This is the most unfair, politically biased rigged process that I have seen in my entire life,” said Republican Representative Debbie Lesko of Arizona. 

As impeachment eve demonstrations took place in cities around the country, the House
Rules Committee wrapped an all-day session preparing the full chamber to vote on two articles of impeachment: one alleging abuse of power by the president, another, obstruction of Congress.

“This has been a total sham from the beginning,” said President Trump. 

House Democratic leaders say they did not arrive at this point without careful consideration.

“We are compelled by our duty to our oath and the Constitution and our democracy to act today where we have found that the President of the United States has abused his power,” said Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader.

House Republican leaders expect a strong GOP vote against the articles.

“Remember what the Speaker Pelosi said, and I agreed with her in March. She said impeachment was so divisive to this nation that it had to be overwhelming,” said Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader. “There had to be compelling and bipartisan. Even by the speaker’s own criteria and requirements, She’s not met one of those.”