House Judiciary Committee Votes on Articles of Impeachment

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Currents News Staff

In just a few minutes, the House Judiciary Committee voted along partisan lines to send two articles of impeachment to the floor of the House of Representatives for a full House vote next week.

“The article is agreed to,” said Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler. “The resolution is amended as ordered, reported favorably to the House.”

The committee was originally supposed to vote on the issue Thursday night, but after 14 hours of debate, Nadler stunned Republicans by calling a sudden end to the session. 

He told everyone to come back Friday instead of continuing on in the middle of night, while many Americans were sleeping. Republicans cried foul.”

“That was the most lack of integrity thing i’ve ever seen by a member of Congress, especially a chairman,” said  Republican Representative Doug Collins, a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

Last night, Democrats charged Republicans with dragging out the vote to spin the narrative to the American people.

“We suspect there was some strategy to drag us into the night and say the Judiciary Committee did this in the middle of the night and so on,” explained Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland. “We want to do it in broad daylight.”

Friday morning before the vote, Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch steered the conversations back to why he says the president committed impeachable offenses.

“That’s abuse of power,” he said. “It’s the highest crime in our constitution. That’s why we need to go forward.”