Holocaust Survivor Visits Catholic School to Share His Story

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Students in Bay Ridge got a real-life history lesson on Wednesday, March 20, from the personal account of one of the worst moments in world history.

Emil Fish survived the Holocaust, and now he’s sharing his story with the next generation.

Students at St. Patrick Catholic Academy honored their guest by singing “Shalom.”

Fish was just nine, living in Slovakia, when his family was captured and taken to different concentration camps in Europe.

He shared details of his time with the students, who have been learning about the Holocaust in their classes.

Each one took away a little piece of knowledge.

Fish is 89 years old and part of a population that is slowly dwindling.

Currently, there are only about 245,000 survivors of the Holocaust still alive.

Fish said that’s why he feels it’s necessary to visit schools of all faiths.

The academy is currently planning a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Manhattan after Easter.