What We Can Learn From the History of Passover During the Virus Crisis

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Currents News Staff

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jewish families will be celebrating their triumph over a different plague: the holy days of Passover remember when God helped the Israelites escape slavery, inflicting plagues on the Egyptians.

For Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, his Passover celebrations are changing because of the coronavirus. 

While those of Jewish faith usually don’t use electricity when observing Passover, he’s adding a video screen so his mother in California can also join him.

Many Jewish families, and Catholic families come Easter, might have to do the same.

Life after the coronavirus crisis will never be the same, and many anticipate a “new normal.”

Rabbi Hirschfield joins Currents News to talk about what we can learn from the story of Passover during this crisis, and how we can keep these religious traditions alive in times of stress.