High Temperatures Grip the Nation

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Currents News Staff

With the rising temperatures, there is one place to be this week. New Yorkers flocked to the Rockaways Wednesday to try to beat the heat as temperatures soared into the 90’s with feel-like temps climbing into the triple digits.

“This is serious heat,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams, “and we’re really concerned about those, particularly with pre-existing respiratory conditions.”

In Florida, high temperatures prompted the hiring of a Chief Heat Officer to protect residents from the sweltering heat conditions.

“We have almost double the number of days with a heat index over 90 degrees here in Miami than we did in the 1970s,” said Chief Heat Officer Jane Gilbert.

It’s even worse in Texas where Austin’s mayor says it’s the 40th day in a row with temperatures over 100 degrees!

“Summers can be hot in Texas,” said Mayor Steve Adler, “but this is, this is unlike anything that I’ve seen… we had temperatures up to 109 degrees.”

Imagine not having air conditioning during these summer heat waves. That was the case in Arizona where thousands of people were without electricity on Tuesday with the triple digit heat. In California, splash parks like the one in Sacramento are providing some relief. Out in Connecticut, residents are diving into pools in the city of Hartford to cool off.

But if you can’t be near the water, doctors say you should avoid the heat and drink plenty of fluids.

“Wear loose fitting clothing, light clothing,” said Dr. McDonna Hinds. “Things that are breathable, such as cotton and linen. And then also keep well hydrated. And wear wide brim hats and try to stay in the shade as much as possible.”

Forecasters say New York City is facing the longest stretch of 90 degree temperatures in nearly a decade. The sweltering heat is expected to linger through Monday.