Haitian Priest Highlights Dangers in Area where Missionaries Were Kidnapped

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Currents News Staff 

The gang that kidnapped those Christian missionaries in Haiti have put a price tag on their demands: $17-million dollars, or one million for each person they’ve taken hostage, including an eight-month old baby.

Currents News spoke with a Catholic priest who lives in Haiti about the danger everyone faces there because of the gangs and because of that danger, we’re keeping his identity hidden.

“It’s dangerous of course, especially the six last months,” said the priest.

He’s too scared to show his face or give his name, but this Catholic priest says he knows the risk he faces living in Haiti. But he says because of the gangs, particularly in and around Port-au-Prince, it’s not a risk missionaries should take, especially those with women and children.

“My first reaction when I heard about this is to say ‘why,’ they are crazy to come with children like this and woman is my first reaction,” he said. “Now it’s too dangerous in Haiti, I am a bit crazy, too. I have been here for 12 years. I’m alone and I have no family. I’m a Catholic priest, I never go in this place where they were kidnapped. I would never go save in case for emergency; it’s too dangerous.”

A source in Haiti’s security forces confirms the group of 12 adults and five children from Christian Aid Ministries based in Ohio were kidnapped on the outskirts of the nation’s capital.

The missionaries were taken by the ‘400 Mawozo’’ gang after visiting an orphanage. That gang and others have terrorized Haiti for years.

Pierre Esperance, Executive Director National Human Rights Network, says “Haiti has a kidnapping surge that has increased by 300%.”

The gang are now demanding 17-million dollars in ransom. But the priest we spoke with warns that any fundraisers should be kept quiet. 

“There are some Christian churches in America who are beginning to make fundraising to have money. I think it’s very bad publicity to say this on the internet because these guys will see this and they will increase the amount you understand.” 

The Bishop Designate of Brooklyn – Bishop Robert Brennan – is deeply distressed to hear about the kidnapping. The current head of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, where these Protestant missionaries are based, saying in a statement:

“I pray for their safe return and for all their families. At the same time I continue to pray for the people of Haiti who have suffered so much recently from earthquakes and tropical storms as well as from political turmoil and violence.  As Catholics, we join the intercession of our Lady of Perpetual Help, patroness of Haiti, asking the Lord for peace.”