Gun Violence and Shootings Continue to Grow Across the Country

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By Currents News Staff

Warning: The video is hard to watch. A man running from a gunman in the Bronx suddenly falls and knocks down two children. But that doesn’t seem to faze the shooter who unleashes a barrage of bullets. Fortunately, the five and 10-year-old kids weren’t hit.

Unfortunately, it seems this is becoming the sound of the summer across America. Incidents took place in Oakland, California to Chicago to Minneapolis.

Just this weekend, more than 30 were killed in gun violence, according to the gun violence archive. Disturbingly, children continue to be caught in the crossfire.

In Dallas, Texas a gunfight between partygoers left eight people injured, including a 10-year-old and a 15-year-old.  In Detroit June 17, police are still investigating a shooting that killed a two year-old.

“You know, I don’t wish this on my worst enemy,” said Brian Christian, father of the two-year-old child who was shot.

Here in New York City, there have been more than 630 shootings so far this year. That’s compared to nearly 390 at this time last year, making it a 64-percent increase according to the NYPD.

Some gun reform advocates are discouraged by what they feel is a lack of action at the federal level in the wake of this uptick in violence.

“The fact that we have not seen very much substantial gun reform from the Biden administration – which is especially disappointing considering the fact that Joe and Kamala both campaigned on this,” said Cameron Kasky, a Parkland shooting survivor and gun reform advocate. “People are very frustrated.”