Gov. Cuomo Issues New Mandate For Healthcare Workers to Get Vaccinated

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Currents News Staff

The personal incentive to get the vaccine shot here in New York City? A cool $100 dollar bill if you get the vaccine at a city run site starting Friday. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the incentive to get more New Yorkers motivated, calling vaccination “the solution.”

And a day after he announced all city workers have to either get the shot or get tested weekly, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued his own mandate.

“In New York and upstate hospitals, all patient-facing healthcare workers must get vaccinated,” Gov. Cuomo said. “There will be no testing option.”

Vaccinated or not, don’t lose the mask! This announcement comes after an about-face from the CDC.

“We must take every step we can to stop the Delta variant,” the agency said.The CDC is now recommending everyone, including the vaccinated, wear masks inside if they live in an area with high or substantial transmission.

On the CDC website, there’s a color-coded map that shows the red and orange zones where masks are recommended. Brooklyn and Queens are in the orange zone. Both Cuomo and deBlasio say they’ll review the CDC’s new guidelines.

The ever-changing rules from the agency have caused a lot of confusion, and division, especially when it comes to donning a mask.

Health experts explain that the recommendations have changed because the virus has changed.

“We have the Delta variant now and behind it, the Lambda variant,” said Dr. Robert Tiballi of the Catholic Medical Association. “That’s one that’s ravaging South America right now and it will likely be here in the not too distant future.”