GOP Lawmakers Say Nationwide Ban on Abortion Is ‘Possible’ as Law Goes to the Senate Floor Wednesday

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Currents News Staff

Night after night, protesters outside the homes of Conservative Supreme Court Justices are voicing support for abortion.

“Keep abortion… and legal,” protesters say.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell raised eyebrows in a recent interview saying a nationwide ban on abortions is theoretically possible. Although other members of his party poured cold water on that talk, it still provoked strong reactions.

“Hear that America?” asked Sen. Chuck Schumer. “Total ban on abortion stated by not any Republican, but by the Republican leader.”

Majority leader Chuck Schumer is set to bring a bill that codifies Roe as law to the senate floor wednesday, but it’s likely to fail for a second time, due to GOP opposition.

As Republican and Democratic lawmakers go back and forth on the issue, violence has erupted. Authorities are still investigating an alleged arson incident sunday at the offices of a Wisconsin pro-life group.

“There is no room for hate or violence in Madison,” said Police Chief Shon Barnes. “In fact there is no room for hate or violence anywhere in our country.”

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Albany are pushing a bill that would establish a state fund to pay for abortions. Taxpayer dollars would cover the procedure not only for New Yorkers, but also for out-of-state women and undocumented migrants. The price on that: $50 million per year to meet demand if Roe v Wade is struck down.