Good Samaritan Saves Trucker From Fiery Wreck, U.S. Coast Guards Rescue Capsized Boaters

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Currents News Staff

A good Samaritan’s heroic actions were caught on camera when he sprang into action to save a trapped truck driver from a fiery wreck. 

Smooth sailing traffic on Iowa’s Interstate 80 grinded to a halt. When the crash happened, trucker Bob Smith raced in to help as smoke filled the overturned truck’s cabin.

But Bob couldn’t kick in the window.

“I didn’t have an angle where I could get a good impact with it and realized very quickly that that wasn’t going to work,” Bob said.

He was able to use a tool from his truck to smash his way in and reach the driver.

“I yelled out, ‘Can you move?’ and he said, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘Then you need to get out of the truck or you’re going to die,’” Bob said.

The driver – bloodied, but alive, was pulled to safety.

He was reportedly checked out at a hospital and was later released.

Tom Ferguson witnessed the near-death incident and got emotional talking about it.

“Bob was like a total superhero,” Tom said. “If Bob wasn’t there ….. I don’t know.”

More heroics were caught on camera, this time, in the Gulf of Mexico when Coast Guard rescuers rushed to save a group of boaters from an overturned vessel off Florida’s coast.

The boat reportedly capsized trapping the passengers, including a pregnant woman,in the water for nearly three hours.

Officals responded and executed a line rescue pulling them to safety one by one. One rescuer described the scene as very emotional, saying the first passenger they pulled in immediately gave them a giant hug.