Global Hot Spots Spark Challenges for U.S. in 2020

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Currents News Staff

As we clean up the confetti ushering in the new year, President Trump ushers in a new trade deal with China.

“We are very excited about trade. The China Deal will be signed probably on January 15th. We put out a notice today and I will be going at some point to Beijing to be with President Xi,” said Trump.

That trip will come in the midst of ongoing anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the protesters outside the U.S. embassy in Iraq say they’ve asked everyone to withdraw Wednesday.

U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook says it comes after strong leadership from the Trump administration.

“Secretary Pompeo is in pretty regular touch with the Iraqi leadership // So we’re pleased that the Iraqi security services have come in and done what is necessary and so our diplomats are safe and so is our embassy,” said Hook.

Another international place of tension is North Korea, where leader Kim Jong Un says promises made at their summit last year aren’t being kept – and he’s now threatening new strategic weapons.

“He made those commitments to President Trump agreeing not to conduct large scale military exercises. We’ve lived up to our agreements. We continue to hold out hope that he’ll live up to his as well,” said Pompeo.

Back at home, the pending Senate impeachment trial also looms over President Trump and lawmakers.