George Floyd Laid to Rest as Lawmakers Debate Police Reform

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Currents News Staff

Today in Houston, the final goodbye to George Floyd. An emotional funeral for the man whose death began a national movement.

“America, it is time for a change. Even if it should begin with more protests. No Justice, No Peace,” said Brooke Williams, George Floyd’s Niece.

The 46 year old was killed more than two weeks ago – igniting nationwide outrage over police brutality.

“We speak, and we decree, and we declaim, that right now, lord, God, there shall be justice,” said Rev. Mary White.

At the funeral, a sign of hope for a silver lining amidst the tragedy.

“He changed the world. George Floyd changed the world. And we’re gonna make the world know that he made a difference,” said Rep. Al Green.

Around the country the has been a push for sweeping police reform measures.

Some – including the Minneapolis city council – believe defunding the police and re-modeling the force, while reallocating funds to other areas is the answer-

“We need to make deeper change than we have in the past,” said Lisa Bender, the Minneapolis City Council President.

Both President Trump and his democratic opponent, Joe Biden, have spoken out against defunding the police.

Congresswoman Karen Bass – who helped craft a sweeping democratic proposal for police reform – agrees.

“I don’t think that that’s the appropriate thing to do,” said Bass.

But those who have been protesting for days want change.

Whether Floyd’s death can bridge the gap between both sides will become apparent soon enough.