Funerals Take Place In Sri Lanka Amid Fear Of Another Attack

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Currents News Staff

Sri Lankans are conducting funerals for the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks that occurred at churches as well as hotels across the country over the weekend.

The funerals, now following the attacks which took hundreds of lives, are occurring in such quick succession that there is barely time for everybody to properly grieve.

This mourning of immense loss is also taking place in an atmosphere of insecurity. There are police and soldiers posted everywhere.

There are also real concerns that there could be additional threats to the Christian community that has been so viciously targeted here.

A controlled explosion of a suspicious object could be heard in the area, and as of Wednesday night, the nation plans to impose a fourth night of curfew in response. Catholic schools in Sri Lanka are also closed until April 29.

The clergy of the Catholic church have been urging their communities to be peaceful and calm, but also to be wary of rumors and misinformation as the Sri Lankan community takes these precautionary measures and continues to confront the aftermath of Sunday’s attacks.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for these unspeakable atrocities.