Funeral Held For Another Victim of Buffalo Mass Shooting

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Currents News Staff

The music-filled service began with Rev. Frank Bostic sharing a story of determination about Katherine Massey who lived down the road from him.

“We just got some new trees and she came and woke me up that morning,” said Rev. Bostic from Pilgrim  Baptist Church.

Before family, friends, and dignitaries, he spoke of the trees she fought for, to beautify Cherry St. in the city’s fruit-belt neighborhood.

“They tried to take these new trees back and she said ‘no no no no no.’ They said, ‘well they said,’ and she said, ‘I don’t care what they said. We’re going to put these trees right here, that goes for his house and we gon’ put the other one here,” Rev. said, “and that’s what we’re gonna do about it.'”

Katherine was remembered as a fierce advocate for her community.

“She was a queen mother of this community,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. “She was a leader, leading with warmth and intelligence and the power of her pen.”

Katherine fought to reduce gun crime and improve education. Buffalo Board of Education Member Sharon Belton Cottman was Kat’s longtime friend  and offered assurances to a grieving community.

“We cannot allow anyone to steal our joy or try to take from us,” Sharon said. “It’s not an option.”

Family paid their respects with collective gratitude for Kat’s tireless work.