Funeral For Woman Killed At Catholic Store

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Currents News Staff

 A packed crowd remembered Jamie Schmidt for her art and music as well as her devotion to her family and faith.

During the celebration of mass, the way she died was acknowledged.

“During that fateful afternoon at Catholic Supply while innocently shopping for religious items Jamie faced pure evil,” said Deacon Jim E’Sell, St. Anthony Padua Catholic Church.

Schmidt was referred to as a wife and mother and the service was telling of how she and her family are loved and respected in this community.

“It’s such an amazing family to have known for so long, all of us to have known so long and it’s such a shame they have to go through this,” said Carrie Mangan, a family friend.

During his homily, Deacon Jim E’sell said that a visiting priest told him because of the way she died, Schmidt could possibly be recognized as a martyr.

“He said he has researched and studied how the church beatifies and canonizes saints and determines who are martyrs for the faith and he believes Jamie qualifies,” he said.

For now police have not stated that Schmidt was killed because of her faith.