From Argentina To Rome – Family Meets Pope Francis

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Currents News Staff

Rome is the ideal travel destination for any family, even more so for a family from the same country as the Pope, Argentina.

This family of four came to Rome from Buenos Aires to see Pope Francis up-close in the General Audience.

“Being Argentinian is special, because we’ve seen the Pope up close. But the magical thing is the people, how the people love him. It’s something so awesome you cannot explain it,” said Luis Beltramo. “After we had touched the Pope and been with him we said to ourselves, ‘That would be impossible to think of back in Argentina,’” he added.

The youngest in the family was so excited about the moment, she said she was speechless upon seeing Pope Francis.

The oldest daughter, Delfina, admitted that she refused to take out her cell phone, to truly enjoy the moment. “There are already many pictures and videos of the pope, so I wanted to live the experience without my cell phone. I did not record him and I enjoyed it more that way. I was excited and a little shocked because I never imagined that I could meet the pope. I was also nervous,” she said.

They’ve already visited relatives in Rome and several cities in Italy. Then they will travel to Spain where they will visit more relatives. It’s a trip full of sights and family reunions.

“The places leave an impact; they are unforgettable. It is something you carry inside and you will never forget. It has a lot of history, it’s something unique,” said Mariela Beltramo.

It’s a trip full of emotions, new places and familiar moments they will forever remember as the trip “in which they met the Pope”.