Frigid Temperatures On The Way

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Currents News Staff

Schools closed, flights canceled and emergency plans in full effect.

“We’re facing potentially historic weather,” said Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois.

The brutal cold will likely shatter dozens of records and authorities already warning of possible hypothermia.

These conditions are and can be life-threatening. Even short periods of exposure to this type of weather can be dangerous,” added Gov. Pritzker.

At 50 below, frostbite on exposed skin can occur in less than 5 minutes.

“Oh my God, it’s freezing, but I’ve got about five layers on–double socks, double pants. You gotta be ready for this weather,” said one resident.

It’s estimated that this week, 212 million people in the us will endure below freezing temperatures.

And around 83 million will be even colder, seeing temperatures drop below zero.

“The Midwest is normally a very cold place. It’s rare for them to get temperatures this cold and then also have such gusty winds to go along with it,” said Meteorologist Allison Chinchar.

But some aree already enjoying the cold weather.

In Michigan, where the governor declared a state of emergency, a student was seen skiing to class at Michigan State University.

And in Chicago where the low Wednesday night will approach the all-time record of 27 below zero, many making plans to stay in.

“This football weather. Bears weather. I love it,” said one resident.