Francis Urges Hungary to Open Doors to Migrants

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Pope Francis is back at the Vatican, after wrapping up a three-day visit to Hungary.

It was The Holy Father’s first trip since he was hospitalized about a month ago.

It was the closest he’s gotten to the war in Ukraine. 

Pope Francis visited a Catholic University in Budapest, where he spoke with students and faculty.

He came with a big message to Hungary and the rest of Europe; to open their doors to migrants.

“It is sad and it hurts to see closed doors,” Pope Francis said. “Brothers and sisters, please, please, please. Let us open the doors. Let us also try to be like Jesus with our words, gestures and daily activity. An open door–an open door that never closes in anyone’s face.”

While the pope was meeting with refugees at St. Elizabeth Church of Hungary, two Ukrainian children, grateful for that door Hungary opened for them, played a song of thanksgiving on Saturday.

Despite Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s harsh treatment of Syrian refugees in 2015, which included building a 13 foot razor wire fence along Hungary’s southern border, the country has welcomed more than two-million Ukrainian refugees since the invasion last year.

Elise Allen, a senior correspondent for Crux, was in Hungary with the pope. She joins Currents News to discuss The Holy Father’s visit to the country.