Flying Without COVID Restrictions: What You Should Know About Your Next Trip

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“COVID-19 no longer controls our life,” said President Biden.

That means the relaxation of more restrictions and guidance including some related to travel.

The CDC now says cruises don’t pose an increased travel risk, but it suggests checking out individual ship health guidelines and getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19 first. The FDA just expanded the emergency use authorization for a second round of Pfizer and Moderna boosters for people 50 and older.

The president now has his.

But, the CDC clarifies that people don’t need that extra shot to be considered “up-to-date” on their COVID-19 vaccinations.

“If you’re over the age of fifty or you’re younger than that and have important comorbid conditions, you should get boosted,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner at George Washington University School of Medicine.

In other travel news, 21 states are suing the Biden Administration to end the transportation mask mandate before it expires April 18. That’s in addition to other lawsuits from groups of pilots and flight attendants.

Travelers now can get pandemic information about places they plan to visit in the U.S.  or where they live on COVID.GOV.