Florida Condo Survivors Recall The Tragic Moment Building Collapsed: ‘God Help’

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By Currents News Staff

Another day of digging and another day clinging to hope. The search for survivors continues in Surfside, Florida this morning after part of a condo collapsed last week.

“I thought I was in a nightmare,” said Sharon Schechter, a condo collapse survivor.

For many, it was … and still is after part of a condo building in Florida crashed to the ground.

“It was just devastating,” Sharon said. “Absolutely devastating.”

As for Sara Nir, another condo collapse survivor, she had strong words.

“And I said, ‘God help, God help,” Sara said.

For Iliana Monteagudo, she had these words: “I’m very lucky.”

Three women and three survivors – their homes turned to rubble, replaced with terrifying memories.

“A big boom and I was running to see where the sound come from,” Sara said.

“I thought a thunderstorm was coming that night,” Sharon continued.

“Sounds,” Iliana said. “Strange sounds. Strange. And I run to my living room.”

It was around 1:30 in the morning when it happened.

“Something inside of me said, run, because this building will collapse,” Iliana added.

“I hear a noise outside in my hallway and I see a family and they said, ‘come with me now, the building is collapsing,’” Sharon said, “and I also look straight ahead to an apartment. I knew the couple well, and I see a door open and I don’t see an apartment.”

Sara warned her children about what was going to happen.

“I saw all the garage collapse and I told my kids, run as fast as you can!”

Iliana said it happened so fast.

“Three seconds separate. Life to death. Three seconds,” Iliana said.

Sara said it was traumatizing.

“It’s painful and scary because I see what really, really happened,” she said.

Sharon added, “and as soon as you saw someone you knew, you just hugged and said, ‘you survived.'”

But the likelihood of finding more survivors diminishes by the minute.