First Class Relic Belonging to Blessed Carlo Acutis Arrives in Diocese of Brooklyn

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By Jessica Easthope

The relic of the first millennial considered for sainthood will travel to Catholic schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn, then will be displayed at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Bayside, Queens.

Seven small strands of hair belonging to Blessed Carlo Acutis were presented to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Wednesday, July 14. Thanks to the Queens’ church’s pastor, Msgr. Thomas Machalski, the relic is here to stay. He asked Bishop DiMarzio to request it with one thing in mind: evangelization.

“He used the internet for evangelization and now we have to use what he began and use his example to help change,” said Msgr. Machalski.

Acutis was a tech savvy, normal kid with a life cut tragically short. He died a week after being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 15. The miracle that led to the Italian teen’s  beatification involves a young Brazilian boy who was healed of a rare disorder after touching another of Acutis’ relics – a piece of clothing.

Acutis is admired for using the internet for good and bringing people closer to Christ through the Eucharist.

“Young people can seek holiness in their lives,” said Bishop DiMarzio. “This kid was a regular kid, wore what everybody else did. He was on the internet, everything young people did he did.”

With Acutis’ relics traveling to all of the schools throughout the diocese, young people will get to tap into their own holiness and realize that sainthood looks a lot like they do.

“We need saints that speak to the young people,” said Msgr. David Cassato, Vicar for Catholic Schools. “And he speaks to young people and the miracle is going to happen in Brooklyn.