Fighting For Life: Bishop DiMarzio Mobilizes Brooklyn Diocese and Bus Delivers Powerful Message

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By Emily Drooby

The sanctity of life is under renewed attack, especially in New York with the passage of an abortion law that eliminates virtually all restrictions on the deadly procedure.

Also at the United Nations where, according to critics, infanticide is being promoted.

Ann Kioko, CitizenGO’s spokeswoman explained, “We are trying to fight for the pre-born baby, the defenseless, innocent baby here at the United Nations.”

The people behind the bus fighting to convince a commission, meeting at the UN this week, to remove pro-abortion content from a document that’s currently being drafted, using this bus to drive the pro-life fight, one that’s gaining popularity across New York.

The state, long known as the abortion capital of America. In 2015 over 28 percent of pregnancies in the state ended in abortions, meaning over 93,000 were performed.

Now, people standing up for their pro-life beliefs after new state laws severely limited restrictions on abortion.

This pro-life push also happening within the Diocese of Brooklyn with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio supporting the international 40 Days For Life campaign, this Lenten season.

Bishop DiMarzio, said, “Let’s hope that our prayers during lent for these 40 days will move hearts and minds and protect life as best we can.”

The campaign promotes the pro-life agenda through prayer and fasting, constant vigil, and community outreach. For Bishop DiMarzio, this campaign is a good way to respond to those hated new laws.

The Bishop explained, “Most people are very angry about it because of the expansion of abortion they just don’t understand that part. Abortion up to the last trimester is something people can’t accept. And that’s what happened with this bill, even if it doesn’t happen often, it’s still something that is there.”

40 Days For Life events are taking place across the Diocese. A pro-life mass is being held at 7am on March 30th at the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Jamaica Queens and a overnight prayer vigil is also being held at that same Queens parish starting at 8pm on April 5th.

The fight at the UN will continue all week, as advocates for life work to eliminate references to abortion in a document being created by the commission on the status of women.

Ann Kioko said, “We are here to send a message that our woman don’t need those kind of things. Our woman need priorities like water, like education, like electricity.”

Advocates using this bus, speeches, and a pro-life petition with over 143,000 signatures to aid their fight.

Kioko said, “It is sending a very clear message on behalf of those pre-born children, that they have to let the children live.”

The bus is scheduled to run on this loop until Friday.