Thousands of Fetal Remains Found in Home of Deceased Abortion Doctor

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Currents News Staff 

A shocking discovery has been made at the Illinois home of former abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer. 

Klopfer died earlier this month, and just a few days ago his family found more than 2,000 fetal remains while cleaning out his home.

Klopfer formerly ran three abortion clinics in Fort Wayne, Gary and South Bend, and was known as one of Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctors. Now, local pro-life groups want all those clinics looked into out of fear that there could be more remains.

“We’re publicly calling for an investigation into all three of his facilities,” said Jackie Appleman, the Director of St. Joseph County Right to Life. 

Property records show Klopfer still owned the South Bend clinic, and according to Appleman, he visited it weekly up until his death.

Her group is worried there could more fetal remains that have yet to be found. 

“Klopfer was responsible for over 30,000 abortions so the fact that they have only found 2,000 remains makes us question: where are the other remains?” she said. 

Klopfer’s south bend clinic opened in 1978, and closed in 2016 shortly after he stopped providing abortions.

His initial troubles started in 2012 when Indiana’s Attorney General opened an investigation into his practices and made several allegations, among them improper staffing and errors on state-mandated medical records.

Klopfer was later charged in 2014 for waiting months to report an abortion on a 13-year-old girl. 

He faced additional consequences two years later when the Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspended his license for documentation errors and failing to exercise reasonable care. 

Along with calling for further investigation, the Indiana county’s Right to Life said they are working with authorities to give the fetal remains what they call a proper burial.

“Klopfer and any abortionist leaves a horrific legacy of death and destruction,” Appleman said. 

The South Bend abortion clinic Whole Woman’s Health sent a statement in response, saying in part that they are “shocked” by the news. 

“We join the community seeking more information and awaiting the results of the investigation,” the statement reads.

Klopfer’s South Bend was his last. The clinic in Fort Wayne closed in 2013, and his Gary clinic shuttered in 2014.

Now the question for some is whether there remains more to be seen within these walls. 

Comment on fetal remains find by Bishop Daniel Conlon of Diocese of Joliet, IL:

Like many others, I was horrified to learn about the discovery of the remains of over 2,000 unborn children at the home of a deceased abortionist in Crete, Illinois.  Sadly, such an atrocious offense is an unavoidable consequence to treating life in the womb as non-human persons. 

 I have asked our staff in the Office of Human Dignity and Catholic Cemeteries to offer our assistance to authorities and other compassionate organizations in order to assure that these children are laid to rest with the peace and dignity that every human being deserves.  I ask the people of the Diocese of Joliet to pray for these children, for their families, and for an end to abortion, once and for all.