Father Grieves His 20-Year-Old Daughter Who Was Killed For Turning In Wrong Driveway

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A father shares his pain and anguish after losing his daughter, all because she drove into the wrong driveway.

For the first time we’re hearing from Andrew Gillis, whose daughter Kaylin was killed in that tragic shooting.

“Kaylin’s two younger sisters Chloe and Maddie are going to have to grow up without their older sister,” Gillis said. “My wife Angel is going to have to go through the rest of her life without her baby girl.”

Gillis’ last words to his daughter were ”I love you.”

It’s one of several shootings that have taken place this week and Andrew wants something done about it. 

Kevin Monahan, 65, is now facing a second degree murder charge, after firing the gun that killed Kaylin, authorities said.

Kaylin was with her boyfriend, Blake Walsh and two others, driving on a rural road in Washington County, New York, looking for a friend’s house last weekend, when they lost cell service, terminating their GPS service.

Walsh then pulled into Monahan’s driveway. 

Monahan, who has a reputation in the area for being “confrontational and hot-tempered,” according to prosecutors, let off two shots, hitting Kaylin as the car was turning.