Father Christopher Heanue to Bike 100 Miles to Raise Money and Hope for Holy Child Jesus Church

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By Jessica Easthope

Father Christopher Heanue is in the saddle and pushing himself to the limit, gearing up for a physical and spiritual challenge he couldn’t shy away from. He’s on a mission to uplift his parishioners at Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill, Queens.

“These have been difficult months the coronavirus has taken a lot of hope away from our parishioners and our world and I think by participating in this 100 miles I want to inspire others and myself that we can do all things through Christ,” said Father Heanue.

Next week he’ll be embarking on a century ride, for those not up to speed, that means he’ll be biking 100 miles.

“From here Richmond Hill Queens out to East Hampton Long Island, it was our intention to go to Montauk but that’s about 150 miles,” said Father Heanue.

Throughout the pandemic donations have kept Holy Child Jesus’ food pantry up and running, the church has even been able to help some families out financially, Father Heanue is riding to keep that wheel in motion.

“What a great feat that would be for our parish to continue doing the great work that we do,” Father Heanue said.

Father Heanue took up cycling more seriously during the pandemic, but says he doesn’t consider himself much of an athlete, that’s partly why he’s calling the ride ‘100 Miles of Hope.’

“We’re going to need prayerful support, I’m going to need them certainly but I just want to use this as a way to inspire hope,” said Father Heanue.

But he won’t be setting out on the ride alone, he’s going with two friends, one is Paul Cerni the head of parish operations at Holy Child Jesus.

“We’ve been gearing up for this and this time I think we’re ready,” said Cerni.

The men say they’re not stopping short of their goal of helping families in need.

“When you’re thinking about a goal like this raising money for the parish, for outreach, for the community it motivates you and we put our trust in God that we’ll find the strength,” Cerni said.

The riders are planning to make the whole trip with only short stops for food to give them energy, it’s expected to take close to 10 hours.

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Text ‘miles’ to 718-550-6525.