Family of El Paso Shooting Victim Grieves, Calls for Forgiveness

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Currents News Staff

Angie Engilsbee was among the victims of a shooting rampage in El Paso on August 3.

Her relatives are now gathering together to mourn the 86-year-old they describe as a loving woman.

“My sister actually raised seven children, and she had 22 grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren,” said Josephine Romero, Angie’s sister. 

Josephine also says her oldest sister was a hardworking, loving woman and lived in El Paso for the past 60 years.

The sisters last spoke with each other six days ago.

“She said, ‘Josephine take care of yourself, and I will see you soon.’ That’s the last word she told me,” Josephine said. 

But on Saturday, the 86-year-old took a trip to Wal-Mart and never made it home.

“It’s a norm and it needs to stop. And you just never know when it’s going to be a loved one of yours, and it hits hard,” explained Jennifer Brantford, Angie’s niece.

Jennifer was heartbroken she won’t ever be able to tell her aunt how much she loves her again.

“Everybody wishes this but they wish that they can tell that person that they loved them one last time for sure,” she said. 

The police have named 21-year-old Patrick Crusius as the suspect who killed 22 people at the El Paso Wal-Mart on Saturday, August 4. 

Josephine is now left wondering why, and mourning her sister’s death.

“I wish that I could tell him myself: ‘Why did you do it? Look how many people you’ve ruined.'”

“He has no remorse, so I don’t have no really good things to say about him,” said Angie’s niece Sandi George, who will always look at the suspect as the man who took away her aunt from her family.

But for Jennifer, forgiveness is still the only way to heal.

“We need to reunite as one and stop racism. We need to love one another more,” she said.

The family plans on holding a funeral for Angie Engilsbee on August 9 at St. Pius Catholic Church in El Paso.