Fallen Firefighter Saves Lives After His Death With Organ Donation

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In her Long Island home, Kristina Moon fondly remembers her fallen husband, Billy.

“l would say he’s a big personality, you know he was 6’4 so you couldn’t miss him when you walked into a room to begin with. just he was, loved laughing, loved having a good time,” said Moon.

The New York City firefighter died tragically during a training exercise at his Brooklyn firehouse in December.

Moon said, “you know it’s a phone call you hope you never have to get.”

Billy was committed to saving lives even choosing to do so after his death.

He was a proud organ donor and he often encouraged others to do the same.

“He came up to me and said are you an organ donor? and i looked at him and I go, i dont think it’s on my license but I would. and he was very passionate about well why not. it just seems like in his words a no brainer,” said his wife.

His heart, lungs, kidneys and liver were all donated to 5 people on waiting lists. One of them was Terrence Jordan.

Less than a year ago, the former FDNY lieutenant could barely leave his couch without getting winded. Terrence had been a 9/11 first responder, the toxic dust of that day eventually leading to him needing a double lung transplant.

“The pulmonologist told me,” Jordan said, “don’t get your hopes up.”

And just as Terrence had started to lose hope, he got help from a guardian angel.

“One guy did a very unselfish act, and he happens to be a brother firefighter, saved my life,” said Jordan.

Former FDNY captain Patrick Reynolds is also grateful for Billy’s sacrifice.

“I was the recipient of billy moon’s liver,” said Reynolds.

Patrick had a genetic ailment that caused cirrhosis. His entire family wasn’t a match, but Billy was.

“Every day you wake up is because somebody made an extreme sacrifice,” said Reynolds.

Now Kristina is carrying on her husband’s message about the benefits of organ donation. She’s created the Billy Moon foundation and encourages others to share that life-saving gift once they’re gone.

“I feel like when tragedy strikes you kind of redefine your purpose a little bit, and really sharing his story is important,” said Moon.

Because while Billy’s life may have ended too soon, Kristina knows he’s smiling down from heaven after having helped others for one final time.

“It really makes you think that miracles happen and everything happens for a reason and I know how much pride it’s probably bringing him even now,” said Moon.