Fallen Catholic Supply Store Clerk Remembered

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Currents News Staff

The more you ask about Jamie Schmidt the more you get to know who she really was.

Parishioners at St. Anthony of Padua say Jamie had the kindest of hearts – a heart that also loved to sing in her church choir.

Tuesday night the grief stricken crowd held mass and offered a prayer for the 53-year old mother of three.

St. Louis County police say a man with a gun barged into the Catholic supply store on Manchester Road Monday afternoon shooting Jamie in the head. They say he also comitted a sexual assault inside of the store. Jamie later died at a hospital.

“Obviously you`re a troubled man who would do such an act, turn yourself in,” said Deacon Jim G`Sell of St. Anthony of Padua.

People who know Jamie personally say not only was she a beautiful singer but also a gifted artist and that artistic talent shows in all of these murals she painted.

“The outside world broke our bubble and took somebody very special,” said Cathy Gansmann.

“A joy, pure joy I mean she loved everybody and everybody loved her,” added Rita Miller.

Jamie’s family released a statement, part of which says: ‘our family is heartbroken as we try to accept and understand this terrible tragedy. We ask for prayers for peace and that the killer is caught before he hurts anyone else.’