F.B.I. Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida Residence

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Currents News Staff

Former President Donald Trump and his family have confirmed that the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago home yesterday and seized items from it. This operation is just part of one investigation into Trump and his time in office.

Trump’s attorney says he’d been cooperating with federal agencies. GOP governors are calling the move “alarming” and a “weaponization” of the Justice Department. Trump released a new campaign-style video on his website “Truth Social” Tuesday morning just hours after the FBI raided his home.]

In a statement, Trump said “these are dark time in our nation” and called the “unannounced raid” as “prosecutorial misconduct.” But in order to get a search warrant, CNN Senior Law Enforcement analyst says there’s a process.

“You have to go before a federal judge,” said Andrew McCabe, “and convince that judge that there’s probable cause to believe both that a federal crime has been committed and that evidence of that crime is contained within the space.”

If the search warrant involves a former president?

“The world needs to move,” said McCabe. “I can’t overemphasize how big of a deal this would have been within the Department of Justice and the FBI.”