Officials Issue Evacuation Orders and Warnings as California Fires Continue

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Currents News Staff

As California officials work to fight the wildfires burning in the state, more than 26 million are people under red flag warnings, from California to Arizona.  

The Kincade and Getty fires in northern and southern California are both unpredictable, both terrifying and both forcing people to flee. They’re leaving once populated neighborhoods free from signs of life.

What’s still to come? Wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour in the north, and as high as 80 miles per hour in the south.

“Those can pick up and transfer the fire miles away sometimes,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“The danger has not passed yet and we continue to monitor the situation,” said Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick. 

Windy, dry conditions are fueling the flames, but threatening lives in a much different ways.

Up north in wine country, the Kincade fire’s flames have firefighters feeling surrounded. 

Down south, highly-populated Los Angeles county has already seen homes turned to ashes.

Evacuation orders are continuing, with officials across the state sending out even stronger warnings.

“Be prepared to go at a moment’s notice,” warned Essick.