Europe Faces Humanitarian Crisis With Influx of Ukrainian Refugees

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Currents News Staff

More than a million people so far are trying to escape the violence in Ukraine, according to the United Nations.

“Ukrainians are friendly – we don’t want to have war,” said one Ukrainian woman who fled the country. “We don’t want to have quarrels with somebody. We want just peace..”

This comes as Russia continues its assault on key Ukrainian cities. Mariupol Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov says Russia forces have combated non-stop.

“So we have continuous shelling for 26 hours,” said Sergei. “Twenty-six hours they are destroying our city. We do not have electricity, water supply, sanitary system and no heat.” 

One senior U.S. Defense official says Russian forces have shown a willingness to hit civilian infrastructure on purpose. Delegations from the two countries are meeting again amid the violence. On their agenda: An immediate ceasefire, armistice and creating a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians. The European Union is now offering them temporary protected status.

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk is a Ukranian activist.

“Thousands are being killed including children and women and it’s a nightmare,” said Sviatoslav.